Glyceryl Monostearate HT F40

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MEG HT F40 is a fatty ester obtained through the interesterification reaction of an alcohol with a fatty acid or triglyceride. Glyceryl Monostearate is a non-ionic emulsifier obtained through the esterification reaction of stearic acid with glycerin, with monoester control. It is the simplest of the non-ionic compounds used as an auxiliary emulsifier and is used in both O/W (oil in water) and W/O (water in oil) emulsions, for internal or external use. Used externally, it has an emollient property and, when combined with an anionic surfactant, has the effect of producing self-emulsions, being used with good results in O/W type systems.


Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry; Food and Beverage Industry; Chemical Industries.