The Fontana Way

Our team has more than 200 qualified and trained professionals.

We determine the necessary skills since integration into the company, providing internal and external training, in addition to all the necessary qualifications for the performance of the function and execution of activities.

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Our benefits

Education Aid

Aiming at the need to further improve the level of knowledge and personal relationships of professionals, in view of the constant technological advances and significant changes in the market, we provide education assistance to our entire team of employees. Through this aid, we pay up to 50% of the monthly fees for technical, undergraduate, graduate and master’s courses.

Other benefits



Health insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Laura Fontana Association

PPR (Company Profit Sharing Program)

Our Programs

Internship Program

Concerned about the future, we invest in the development and training of young students, aged 16 to 24, through internship programs with partner universities in the region.

Learning Program

Fontana follows the laws in force in the country, due to this, it does not employ children under 16 years of age, except as an apprentice. In addition, we respect the young worker, not employing children under 18 in night, dangerous or unhealthy activities.


We support the development and empowerment of young people through the apprenticeship program. Through it, young apprentices, aged between 14 and 24, carry out qualification courses in the administrative area through CIEE and SENAI. The duration varies between 17 and 24 months and the selection and hiring process meet the criteria defined by the chosen entity.

Pregnant Women, Nursing Women and People with Special Needs

We help our pregnant employees in what is necessary for their monitoring and well-being during pregnancy, as well as making the time for breastfeeding their baby more flexible, also prohibiting the work of pregnant and lactating women in dangerous and/or unhealthy activities as provided for in current legislation in force.

We comply with current labor legislation, in this item mentioned, art. 93 of Law 8,213/91, which deals with the quota of people with special needs, whether visual, hearing, mental, physical, or multiple, obeying and complying with the required percentage, corresponding to our number of employees.

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We support international human rights law and declare to abhor and prohibit any discriminatory situation practiced by its employees, customers, suppliers or third parties, whether by race, color, gender, age, language, property, nationality, region, religion, ethnic origin, social, caste, economic status, disability, pregnancy, belonging to an indigenous people, union membership, political affiliation and/or political opinions, marital status, family status, personal relationships and health status, such as Tuberculosis, including people with HIV/AIDS .

We have a transparent system in our recruitment and selection, where all candidates who participate in the selection process are selected solely for their skills, knowledge, and abilities.

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Decades of Experience

The stories of seven employees who built their life trajectories together with Fontana.


Mrs. Jacira Berté Turatti has more than four decades of activities in the company defines Fontana as her second family.

As Import and Export Analyst, she emphasizes that, in addition to being a family business, the company generates several jobs and contributes to the municipality’s economy. “Fontana is my family, where I made many friends, but, in addition, it is a large company, which employs many employees, including families. We must be grateful for what they have done and continue to do for the community and for everyone who works here. The company generates income and moves the economy. We have to value this a lot and the company only tends to grow”.

Mr. José Bouvié is the Mechanical Engineer with over 43 years dedicated to Fontana and is grateful to be part of the company’s history.

“This is all a family. It’s my family. It’s the company I wouldn’t trade for another. My knowledge and experience were acquired here because I had this opportunity. It’s a fair company, they will never pay you a penny less than what was agreed. He never missed a payday. We know it’s an obligation, but they value what’s right, not only with employees, but with commitments outside the company. Our expectation and planning are that the company will grow a lot in the coming years”.


Mr. Jorge Stefani has been working at the company since 1983 and knows several production sectors.

To the Oleochemical Processes Supervisor, the feeling is one of gratitude. “The company has had many achievements over these years. I thank Fontana for the opportunity to grow with the company, despite not having had the chance to complete the studies, and we know how much this is necessary nowadays. During these more than three decades at Fontana, I got married, had children, and raised my family. So, everything I have today I owe to Fontana. I’m happy and I like what I do”.

More than four decades ago, Ms. Maria Luiza Fontana joined as a telephone operator and currently works in the company’s commercial area.

The Pre-Sales Assistant emphasizes that the directors are intelligent and dynamic, which makes the company constantly growing. “We have a strategic plan, where we assess the strengths and weaknesses. We have ISOs, which means our products are up to standards. Our emblem is Fontana in Motion, which translates all this. The company is always open to innovation. Also, it’s done very honestly. It’s a story based on struggle.”


João Carlos Luzzi has been working at Fontana since he was 18 and was one of the many who shared the workplace with a family member: his father Félix.

The Production Control and Programming Analyst (PCPP) wishes to contribute to the company and see it in constant growth. “The challenges are great, but I hope the company continues to grow. May the company continue to believe in people because a machine does not work alone. I am very grateful to be a part of this story.”